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suzaku_ou's Journal

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This will be primarily used as a selling journal because I need to make a little bit of money to pay off my college fees and such. I'm ALWAYS short on money due to textbook/college fees so I'm trying to make a little bit of cash for that =(

+Personal info+
I'm generally a very calm person, but there are spammers/trolls that get on my nerves. I respect/admire good, honest people and always have a hard time trying to out-"nice" others on the Internet because I grew up and still live in a place where the majority of people are rude/sadistic/pessimistic, love hogging driving space, and manipulate others that I have little to no idea on how to reply ^ ^; I'm glad to have met nicer people online, honestly. But then again, it's online, but I know there are those out there that are trustworthy ^ ^

I absolutely LOVE drawing, but I'm a Bio major. I generally like everything but math and economy (necessary evils). I also like philosophy, learning about different religions, how social statuses affect people, psychology, different states of government, as well as chemistry and biology.

In addition to slaving off on schoolwork and studying (Bio/Chem require more study than logical reasoning), I usually do art commissions (while not up to par with anyone I know since I suck) and sell off the stuff in my sales journal to good homes to earn money for my bills and textbooks, since tuition was hiked AGAIN and one scholarship can no longer cover it AND my textbooks.