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1. Please reply within 3 days of my reply whether or not you decline. 5-7 days during a holiday. People who do not reply will be black-listed because I have dealt with too many fickle buyers who have ignored me in the 2 years. This is not only disappointing but rather dishonest.
2. Some prices may be negotiable, but only if they're reasonable. Please do not beg or whine, as it is unprofessional. If you see a price somewhere that is lower than mine, please tell me and I may lower my prices.
3. ONLY COMMENT IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED IN AN ITEM AND CAN PAY. I had one person want to buy 8 artbooks, requested that I get all the samples and then came out and said that they only had $35, only enough for one of the artbooks.


- I take payment through cash, money order, check and Paypal, but I prefer Paypal because it carries no risk of being lost in the mail. If you would like to pay through other methods, I must warn you that it carries more risk.


1. I tend to have irregular school days so I might only be able to ship on Wednesdays or Saturdays.
2. Shipping times range from 3-7 days, so please be patient. (These might be extended up to 2 weeks during holidays, so I apologize.)
3. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages if you did not pay for insurance. Usually, for domestic shipments, you may ask me for a tracking number if available.
4. I will only ship internationally if the buyer can afford it. Flat-rate shipping is $14 (with tracking).
5. I may need to charge extra if I cannot afford mailers, please watch out for that. Boxes may be free of charge if I can obtain them.
6. "SHIPPED" applies to only the 48 mainland states of the U.S., international will cost more.

Because I have had a couple of buyers in the past year who have had me hold items up to 2 months and back out, as well as 2 potential buyers who were just messing with me in the past month, I will not do holds unless you can pay within 1 WEEK. 2 WEEKS to 3 WEEKS MAXIMUM IF YOU CAN PRESENT TO ME 1/3 OF THE PURCHASE PRICE AS A DEPOSIT.

I sell my items to help pay off my numerous bills and a portion of my loan every month. If I cannot make enough from sales, then I will have late payments and legal action may occur against me. Please do not make it any more difficult for me to pay bills by ignoring my replies or messages if you contacted me first.


misa3kira, Kayozia, azurewatabi (added 3/25/12)

DOUJINSHI (left to right)


[see doujinshi here]

ni Kenshin:

only the one on the left is available -> Happy Factory, around 30+ pgs - BEST OFFER (artwork is similar to Watsuki-sensei's)

===============> Enishi x Kaoru 9-doujinshi set - $40 $36 $30 (excluding Sano x Kenshin doujin on sale for $6)

===============>Sano x Kenshin doujinshi set - $10

TRIGUN 3-doujinshi set - $18 (excludes 4th doujin, Yamaguchirow's Shinsei)


(photobucket is not letting me crop images; only the one on the left is available >__> NOT the Death Note one)
-3x3 Cross female!Shin-centric - R-15, 20~ pages, $10 (sparkly cover)
-Gundam Seed gag by Pu!Caramelruco - 16~ pages, $8 or FREEBIE IF YOU BUY 2+ DOUJINSHI (excludes sets)
-Allelujah-centric, cute + gag - 20~ pages, MINT, 1 color page, $10


-Jump Mix! (Penguin Tanteidan + others) - 20~ pages, $8 or FREEBIE IF YOU BUY 2+ DOUJINSHI (excludes sets)
-J*MIX THE FINAL by Piyokokko - <20 pages, $10 (because it's a popular gag circle)

-Bleach gag doujin by CrispyDog
-Gintoki x Kagura by WATALAND
-SUMMER SUMMER by LOTUS (OkiKagu) - $16
-Bloomin' 5 OkiKagu anthology - $16
-Bon Bon Bouquet by Pu!Caramelco - $12
-Neuro x Yako doujin by FUJIKO and a guest artist - $8
- 2 cute gag Hikaru no Go doujinshi - EACH OF THESE IS A FREEBIE IF YOU BUY 2+ DOUJINSHI (excludes sets)
-Kanda x Allen R-18 doujin by RIRIADOLL
-Kanda x Allen doujin by Gyarandoh - $13

-Wonderland by Penguin Tanteidan
-cute shounen-ai Rabi x Allen gag by Pu!Caramelco - $10
-Priest Set x Pharaoh Atemu doujin by RAPAN
-Brain Noise by Hobby Hobby

-Okite Yaburi (various quality circles/artists) - 60~ pages, $18
-Okite Yaburi (various quality circles/artists) - 60~ pages, $18

-Dalc Rose Lulu x Rolo doujin SOLD

Shipping will be $4-$6, depending on quantity and location (international costs a little bit more).

My OTHER SALE is here.

Death Note nendoroid petits - $8 each ($20 SHIPPED for all 3!)

SHITAJIKI - $6 $5 each ($4.50 each if you buy 2+)


[very long list of artbooks]

-Katanagatari Take (author) artbook
-Takegaro Artbook 2010-2011
-Hanamura Mai Illustrations TRANSLUCENT
-Hoshino Katsura D.Gray-Man Illustrations "Noche" (English version)
-ジャム 西田亜沙子画集
-鎬 霜月かいり画集
-魅(CHARM) VOFAN大人幻想画集
-薄桜鬼公式大全集 2巻セット
-おとめ妖怪ざくろ華 星野リリィイラスト集
パンティ&ストッキング with ガーターベルト アニメーション原画集

-and more I can't name off the top of my head x.x;;;;

(I've come across far too many people who ignore me after a simple price quote ;__;)

Thank you for looking! :D



Hello I was wondering if I could see pictures of the following?:

1. ABE'S KAIRA anthology
2. Hetalia- 1, 9,10(going in order from left to eight)



I am really, really sorry for getting to you so late! I will be providing samples of the ABE anthology if you are still interested.

As for the Hetalia samples, I noticed that my labeling was wrong and that the 4th and 10th from the right are not Hetalia-related, I apologize. I will get that corrected right away!

If you are still interested, please tell me :)

I sencha a PM wit my questions, Thanks! ^^
Later, Alfred Jessie

Hello, I apologize for the late msg, but could you please pm me your mailing address and I will pm you back with my paypal. Thank you so much for all your kindness ;w;

I'll buy the Dalcrose LuluRolo doujin! I can send a check or cash as soon as I have your address/shipping information. 8D

Hi! Thank you for your interest but what would you like to offer for it? ^ ^ (Doujinshi that are unpriced are for BEST OFFERS ;D)

Thanks again and please let me know!

I sent you a PM too. Not sure if you got it though? ^^;

Hello! I think I got it but my inbox is so full of spam right now that I can't check ;___; I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

What were you interested in? ^ ^

Hi, I'm sorry if I'm being stupid but I can't seem to find the links to your manga sale? I just see the main picture of boxed stuff on you DA and can't find a link through or whatever. I don't have a DA account so maybe that's it? Anyways, if you could point me to a list or pictures of manga titles you're selling, I'd love to take a look to see if there's anything I want. Thanks.

Please don't say you're being stupid or anything like that :( I apologize for the confusion; I had to remove the link because a GSJ mod did not want me advertising an unofficial item (which wasn't the intention anyway, but I had to remove the link).

If you are still interested, I will pm you the link ASAP :) Thank you so much for your time!

Hello, I'm wondering if the Okite Yaburi are SasuNaru? I know I've seen them on sale before.

The 2 anthologies have nicely-drawn SasuNaru, KakaIru, KakaSasu and normal gags ^ ^ (proportionally-speaking, there are more SasuNaru gags than others)

Please let me know if you are still interested and thank you :D

Eh, I know this is late, but is the Violently Happy still available?



Yes, Violently Happy is still available! :D Please let me know if you are still interested and thank you! ^ ^

Hello! I would like the US x UK gag by Aotsukitei, shipped to Australia, please and thank you~ And also, I would like to ask how much Brain Noise by Hobby Hobby is? If it's not that much, then I'd like to take it too. C:

Hi! Thank you so much for the interest! :D

Unfortunately, the US x UK gag doujinshi by Aotsukitei is still on hold for another buyer (I need to update my entry so I apologize for the trouble) but the 2 YGO doujinshi are still available. If you would like to make reasonable offers for both then that would be fine :)

I've calculated the shipping for both doujinshi and it would be around $11 with padding (which really surprised me because the flat-rate shipping is $17 ;___;).

Please let me know if you are still interested and thank you! ^ ^


If these books are still available, could I please get them off you?

-Kanda x Allen R-18 doujin by RIRIADOLL
-Kanda x Allen doujin by Gyarandoh

Shipping to Australia.

Thank you!

Hello, thank you so much for your interest!

Both of these books are still available :)

Shipping to Austalia will be $8.80. Please let me know if you are still interested and thanks again! ^ ^

Hi regarding 5-9 of your hetalia doujinshi, may I have the pairings please?

Thank you so much for your interest! The pairings are:

5 - UKxJPN
6 - Nordic? x JPN
7 - UKxJPN
8 - UKxJPN
9 - UKxJPN

Please let me know if you're still interested and thank you :)

(Deleted comment)

Thank you for your inquiry :) It would just be $5 shipping (includes tracking and envelope cost), so the total would be $12. You are also able to choose one of the FREEBIE doujinshi if you'd like ^ ^

If you are still interested, please pm me your mailing address and I will reply back with my paypal :) Thank you so much for everything :D

(Deleted comment)
Have your Trigun shitajiki been spoken for? (er and do you ship to Australia?)


Thank you for your interest :)

My Trigun shitajiki are still available and I can ship overseas. If you can please include your zip code in your reply, I will calculate shipping for you ASAP.

Thank you ^ ^

I was wondering how much is Wonderland, and also I would like to buy the Chibi!Prussia and Hungary book, can you tell me how much shipping would be for it and if Wonderland is a reasonable price I'll buy it too.

Hello, Wonderland is $13, if you are still interested :)

If you decide to buy the chibi!Prussia x Hungary doujin, shipping would be $4 ^ ^ (if you are located in the US)

Please let me know and thank you :D

I was wondering if you still have the Neuro doujin? I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Let me know! Thanks!

Thank you so much for your interest! Yes, I still have the doujinshi :)

Could you please let me know where you are located so that I can calculate shipping?

Please let me know and thanks again ;w;