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Because frankly, I'm quite frustrated with how some people operate. There are people kind enough to communicate with me if they no longer want to buy something, others who need me to hold certain items before they have enough money and those who comment once and never again even attempt to communicate with me even though they expressed interest initially.

If you were me, would you want to deal with people like that? 

When I say "SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!", I MEAN IT. I've been ripped off on shipping and on prices for imported things such as figures and doujinshi. Although it hasn't been for the majority of the things I've bought, I still had to pay more than I had to simply because I was young and ignorant at the time (one CLAMP in 3D Land figure for $25-$30+ just because it was opened?). Please understand that.

I try to sell things at a reasonable price, and even if I've been swindled, I would NEVER do that to another person. I've had SEVEN, I repeat, SEVEN people back out since I first started selling a couple of months ago. I would appreciate it if more people were honest with me from the beginning.

This isn't eBay where you can just snipe another bidder and get off without a scratch. Instead of hurting the other bidder, you hurt the seller by not being honest with them and don't even try to tell them why you're no longer interested. 

I'm OKAY with holds so long as they're within a reasonable timeline. Prices are negotiable and aren't set in stone. I have positive feedback from other buyers, both domestically and internationally.

So please understand where I'm coming from every single time I post up a sales journal. I'm selling my stuff to make sure that I have enough money to last the school year. And each time I'm able to successfully complete a transaction, I can rest easily knowing that the sold item(s) are going to a good home.  

*ADDED RANT* 1/09/11

And by the way, PLEASE know the price of the stuff that you're making offers on. Just recently, someone offered me $20 shipped for each Pixiv 2009 and 2010 artbook. It originally cost $35 + $10 shipping for both separately, and it's over 230+ pgs, weighing nearly 3 lbs (even my asking price as far lower than the online prices). They're still in mint condition and I'm just desperate enough to sell them due to textbook fees (I absolutely despise custom textbooks). The point is: I really dislike it when people look to rip me off. Again, I don't like swindling people, and I don't like it when people think to do that to me. If you're just doing it for your own benefit and don't even sympathize with the seller as A PERSON, please don't come to my sales post. Sellers are doing this to pay bills, pay for college tuition, textbooks, gifts, to save up, etc. It's nothing compared to losing a job and not having enough to pay for essentials, but it's still some type of hardship. 

One of the main reasons why I'm so afraid of being screwed over by buyers and sellers alike is because of my parents. They don't want their only child to be taken advantaged of, especially on shipping prices. I'm still a fairly new seller and I don't want to disappoint anyone.

I apologize if I misread or went too far into the short comment that this particular buyer posted, but I've taken logical reasoning and passed it--I'm supposed to do some sort of analytical thinking, even with short messages. Although I do tend to misunderstand when I read posts on the internet.

I'd also like to add that my best wishes go to those who are selling to help out their families or are trying to save enough for their education. 


I didn't want to make one, but I've gotten quite frustrated at some people, particularly those who keep me waiting for 5 days or more even though they KNOW they aren't interested in any items. Not only that, they don't even have a shred of sympathy and only want to buy stuff for cheap instead of at a reasonable price. I mean, the majority of my items are in near-MINT condition because I take very good care of them.

While I understand that most of us are students, I can't really afford to lose any more money than I already have with import prices and shipping. I try to make things more affordable (student's perspective) from the original price that I had to pay, but it's still quite annoying if they didn't have the money in the first place, negotiate prices, ask for a hold and then back out from buying. Things happen, but hey, you're not the only victim. As I've said before, a lot of us are struggling just to save up for necessities and it just adds insult to injury if they don't even try to communicate after a couple of days or weeks to tell me that they no longer want the item(s).

And here it is...the 
*not including the annoying spam-bots

These are just "buyers" whom I've had a problem with and serves as a list for me to refer to if I ever run into them. Like lukaxrenjou (FIRST seller that tried to swindle me, and hopefully the last), they might act differently with other sellers/buyers, but you'll never see me doing any business with them.

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