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Get a free sketch like this (or a mid-body, full body) if you make one or more purchases from my SALES journal on deviantART. (I am selling items so that my mom can have more space for her supplies and would prefer drawing freebie sketches to doing really commissions at the moment, since she really needs the space T__Tllll)

I am thinking of opening cheap regular commissions ranging from $8-$12, but the maximum wait time would be about 2-3 weeks since I am a college student and still have to finish 2 more commissions and 2 gifts. These commissions will be cell-shaded (HARD CG), not soft-CG like these 2 examples since they consume much more time (and I need to study in-between). 

I will offer transparent or white background:
$8 headshot/chibi
$10 mid-body
$12 full-body (please have references and designs ready)

-manly men, anthros, old people (unless they're chibi-looking)
*Anything that isn't mentioned might be do-able

If more than one person commissions me, I will have to open a wait list slot. 

Character name:
You want it sent to your (email, dA account note) when I am done:

I will try to send you your draft sketch within 3-6 days (I have classes all 5 days of the week).

I take payment UPFRONT, half for large commissions and full for small commissions under $20, because I have been scammed by several "commissioners" who wanted me to draw drafts for them and when I asked about payment after drawing the drafts, they disappeared.

And despite what ONE commissioner out of 11 commissioners has said about me in another community, I am neither a flighty artist nor am I a scammer. I could add references from good people who have commissioned me, if needed.

I am extremely dedicated to doing my commissions since I love drawing, but it is difficult, like other tasks that people have to do, if I am depressed due to a personal event or stressed because of exams, papers and projects. Please understand that, because that one commissioner didn't, and I've been left with that one bad experience.


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Hey, you!! <33 I'd love a chibi commission (aside from the art trade, of course) of two original characters either in full-body or chibi style (depending on what you feel like doing or what would be easiest for you~ :3)

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